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C-Level Management

Harry D. Moseley

Harry Moseley currently holds the positions of Board Advisor, Senior Advisor, and Investor at Arrangr, Deutsche Börse, and The Journey Platform. Previously, he served as the Global Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Zoom Video Communications and held the position of CIO at KPMG, a prominent audit, tax, and advisory services firm with operations spanning 87 offices and over 23,000 employees and partners across the United States.

Before his roles at Zoom and KPMG, Moseley was a partner at the Blackstone Group, where he also served as the Chief Information Officer. In this capacity, he supervised information technology, presentation services, publishing, market data, and research. Prior to joining Blackstone in 2005, Moseley led technology initiatives at Mantas, an enterprise software company specializing in compliance and anti-money laundering solutions.

During his extensive career, Moseley held significant positions, including Managing Director at Credit Suisse First Boston for five years and Managing Director/Chief Technology Officer – Americas at the Union Bank of Switzerland for 14 years. In these roles, he was responsible for devising and executing technology strategies, overseeing deployment and operations, and managing technology integration projects such as UBS/SBC and CSFB/DLJ. His expertise spans front-office technology, encompassing trading, risk management, settlement, financial reporting, money transfer, and compliance, as well as managing distributed computing, networks, and general technology infrastructure.

Harry Moseley earned a degree in engineering, mathematics, and computer science from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Currently, he serves as an advisor to the board of Enigmatec, is a member of the CIO Group, and holds a position on the Thomson Financial Executive Advisory Board.

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