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Digital & Business Transformation

Sanjeev Mehra

Sanjeev Mehra is the co-founder of Little Artists, a group of companies based in Singapore. Little Artists is a leading fine arts school with a mission to use technology to expand its established methodology and pedagogy into a platform for delivering high-quality arts education to children worldwide, making it accessible and inclusive.

In addition to his role at Little Artists, Sanjeev has a wealth of experience in the corporate technology and Fintech sectors. He previously served as the CIO, Managing Director, and Head of Platform Innovations for Global Consumer Technology at Citi. In this capacity, he played a crucial role in driving Citi’s digital transformation and pioneering platform innovations, positioning the bank as a global leader in digital banking.

With nearly three decades of international experience in financial services and technology, Sanjeev Mehra is a recognized thought leader known for his ability to lead innovation, integrate new technology, conceptualize novel capabilities, and create ecosystems for global software deployment. During his time at Citi, he held various leadership positions, including CIO and Head of Product Development, where he led groundbreaking initiatives like Open Banking, Rainbow Transformation, and Smart Banking. His contributions were instrumental in Citi’s success in obtaining a patent for the Smart Banking ecosystem. More recently, he successfully implemented Citi’s Open Banking strategy, enabling the bank’s products and services to rapidly expand on a global scale.

Sanjeev Mehra’s educational background includes earning a B.S. in Engineering and an M.B.A. from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, India.

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