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Data Management & Analytics

Bruce Hedin

Dr. Bruce Hedin is currently the President and Consultant at Hedin B Consulting. He is a leading expert in the assessment of the effectiveness of advanced search and analytics technologies. As a consultant, he supports clients in the design and oversight of measurement protocols to validate the results of AI-enabled technologies. He also provides guidance to thought-leadership and standard-setting organizations, such as the IEEE, on the responsible adoption, testing, and use of AI.
Dr. Hedin’s work is animated by the view that the trustworthy adoption and use of AI derives from sound evidence of the effectiveness of the technology, the competence of its operators, the accountability of those responsible for its adoption and operation, and the transparency of the process in which the technology is incorporated. As Principal Scientist at H5 until its sale in 2021, Dr. Hedin designed and oversaw the sampling, testing, and measurement protocols that propelled H5, one of the first developers of AI for use in the legal domain, to a reputation for quality and made it a leading voice in the responsible use of AI.
Beyond H5, Dr. Hedin contributes to national and international initiatives designed to ground the ethical use of AI in evidence-based protocols and standards, including:
·      Studies conducted at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Text Retrieval Conference;
·      A model ESI protocol, together with tutorial commentary, to be published by the IEEE in 2023;
·      The Law Chapter of Ethically Aligned Design (the flagship publication of IEEE’s Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems).
In addition, Dr. Hedin consults for companies, law firms, and government agencies seeking to implement AI practically, effectively, and responsibly.
Dr. Hedin is currently president of Hedin B Consulting. He is a frequent contributor to publications and conference proceedings focused on the intersection of AI and the law, including: The Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law, New York Law Journal, ILTACON, LegalAIIA (in association with ICAIL), and MER. Dr. Hedin also supports technology, information governance, and legal professionals with CLE-certified training.
Dr. Hedin earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University and his B.A. from Cornell University.

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