Developing a Path to Data Dominance

Authors: Arthur Langer, Arka Mukherjee

Developing a Path to Data Dominance, Strategies for Digital Data-Centric Enterprises features case examples from companies such as Lego, FedEx, General Electric (GE), Pfizer, P&G and more, this book isĀ appropriate for C-level executives engaged in the digital transformation of their firms; entrepreneurs of digital platform companies; and senior software engineers that need to design Internet of Things (IoT) devices and integrate them with block chain and multi-cloud architectures. In addition, this book is also useful for graduate-level coursework in data science.

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

Author: Nick Donofrio

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes is a powerful testimony to our ability as human beings to drive transformation, not just within the realm of technology but across generations. Written by Nick Donofrio, If Nothing Changes is all about how he learned to respond to change, initiate it, embrace it, enjoy it and sometimes avoid it. His personal life as well as his business life were both all about change.

Information Technology and Organizational Learning

Author: Arthur M. Langer

Information Technology and Organizational Learning Managing Behavioral Change in the Digital Age underscores the critical role of information systems personnel in driving corporate success through digital transformation, emphasizing the integration of technology into organizational culture. It highlights the importance of organizational learning in achieving successful digital transformation. Furthermore, it outlines the technical challenges and advancements in architectures like 5G, blockchain, and quantum processing, emphasizing the need for business-technical integration and cultural assimilation to navigate the digital landscape effectively.