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Landon Pollack

Landon Pollack is the CEO of Champz Health and the Executive Director of Path2Proximity.

Pollack has been many things: athlete; entrepreneur; art director; herpetologist; inventor; social activist; investor and sports manager. By crossing many traditional frontiers during his 30-year career, he has developed a one-of-a-kind, 360-degree view of business.
His foundation for success was established during his time training to play professional baseball. Since then, Pollack has been a founder of, or founding investor in, more than two dozen companies. Before reaching 20, Pollack had started four businesses, earning his first million dollars at age 13 selling sports memorabilia.

In the ensuing 20 years, his ventures have included: a beverage company (Juice Bowl- acquired by Dole/Pepsi ); a multi-media company (ClubCom- acquired by Amer Group Fitness Equipment business, Precor Inc.); a robotically-controlled exercise system (Intelligent Health); a coaching and performance company (Personalized Lifestyle Programs- private sale); health clubs (Firm Fitness), a cable company (Cable Satisfaction- IPO); a non-alcoholic beverage conglomerate (Liboza Holdings, Inc.); a chain of yoga studios (Vitalize Studios); a telecom company (Uniconnexions); a social networking company (WeMeUs); a digital music company (Playvuu) and two animal protection organizations (StubbyDog and Zoe Nature).

Pollack has been a consultant to some of the most recognizable brands in the world and to some of the most innovative start-ups. He has counseled a diverse set of companies, providing human capital, corporate development, marketing and organizational development services.

Additionally, Pollack serves as an advisor to GlobalGiving.org, Harvard Medical School (The Division of Sleep Medicine), Hernia Help, Astia, and Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC). He is also a mentor at Springboard Enterprises and Unreasonable Institute.

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