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C-Level Management

Yves Leon

Yves Léon has dedicated his professional career to computer systems and the digital realm. Currently serving as the President of the “Europe Commission” at the CNCEJ (National Council of Judge’s experts in France), his primary responsibility is to establish a European global approach for judge’s experts, collaborating with colleagues from European and Northern American countries.

Yves LEON is actively involved in digital operational strategy programs, focusing on Risk Management, Transition, and Digital Strategic Plans.

In addition to his role at the CNCEJ, Yves is a member of various boards, including “Internet Encounters” Vercors, National Council of Forensic Judge’s Experts (www.cncej.org), Container and Canal Company (www.canal2point0.fr). He is also a member of the National Company of Judicial Experts in Information Systems and Automated Processing, Groups of experts at the Court of Appeal of Aix, HEC Alumni Group, Information Systems.

During his time at HEC, he contributed to a research project on the Boolean method of analysis. Before his current position, Yves spent 15 years with the shipping company Compagnie Générale Maritime (now CMA-CGM), serving as the CTO of the Mediterranean branch. His contributions include the development of world passenger booking systems (ESTEREL-AMADEUS) and inter-professional shipping computer systems for Marseille and Le Havre Port Authorities.

His experience extends to the approach of International Consumer online Information Systems. In 1987, he established his consulting firm, specializing in IT strategy, and later created a startup, GET, in 1992. GET was selected by the French IRS (Ministry of Finance) to bring the income tax form online. Seeking an industrial partnership, Yves sold GET to the BERGER LEVRAULT group. Concurrently, he founded SYSTEMIA (1988-2010), an internal research structure, and a pedagogical branch developing Master’s degrees (Conférence des Grandes Écoles) in computer science. These degrees focused on Artificial Intelligence, Internet technologies (administration and e-commerce), and Database management.

Yves is a judge’s expert in computer systems and digital matters, serving the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence since 1983 and the Administrative Court of Appeal of Marseille. He brings extensive experience in IT projects across large international organizations and small enterprises in both private and government sectors, including La Poste, VEOLIA, Simelectro, Richemont, and PacBell (Telecom operator of California).

Furthermore, Yves contributes to education as a lecturer at Columbia University in New York City (School of Professional Studies).

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