Shaping Executive Learning: Nutanix and Northeastern University’s Digital Frontier

Nutanix has entered a transformative partnership with Northeastern University’s Center for Technology Management and Digital Leadership (TMDL), led by Dr. Art Langer. This collaboration aims to revolutionize executive education, providing C-level and senior executives with essential skills to navigate the complexities of today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

Under this collaboration, the Nutanix Masterclass Series takes center stage, offering exclusive executive education programs covering critical topics such as Digital Disruption, Cybersecurity, Transformational Leadership, Data Science Strategy, Future of Work, Serving on a Board, Digital Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence. These programs bring together Nutanix professionals, industry leaders, and academic scholars to provide participants with insights from the forefront of their respective fields.

Delivered through a dynamic virtual experience, the Masterclass Series offers live sessions and on-demand content, ensuring flexibility for executives to engage with the material at their own pace. Beyond a certificate of participation, senior managers and executives gain post-Masterclass access to additional resources from TMDL, including research papers, learning materials, and mentorship opportunities.

At the helm of this collaboration is Dr. Art Langer, Director of TMDL. Dr. Langer’s leadership, with an emphasis on digital disruption and digital transformation, makes sure that the programs are in line with market developments and provide  C-Level Executives with progressive perspectives.

Northeastern University’s commitment to experiential learning and industry relevance makes it an ideal partner for Nutanix. This collaboration empowers leaders by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and strategic insights needed to thrive in today’s transformative digital landscape.

The collaboration between Nutanix and Northeastern University’s Center for Technology Management and Digital Leadership signifies a significant shift in executive education. By amalgamating industry expertise with academic rigor, this partnership seeks to redefine how executives equip themselves for the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age. Participants immerse themselves in the Nutanix Masterclass Series and embark on a journey beyond conventional learning, assuring they are well-prepared to propel innovation and success within their organizations.

“The Masterclass series of c-level educational events, developed and taught by Dr Langer and his Mentor network, have helped Nutanix educate and equip c-level executives across the world to more effectively lead their companies and organizations in these dynamic times.”

EJ Bodnar, Global CXO Marketing Leader at Nutanix.

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